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I’m so here for this OMG.

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Todd Klassy

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Pastel Confetti Cake

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Surviving High School







  • Duolingo - Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese. More are coming very soon, including Irish and Danish.

  • Memrise - Any language, even Klingon. Over 200 languages are offered.

  • Lingq - German, Chinese, Russian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Korean, and more.

  • FluentU - Chinese, Spanish, and French are offered currently. It’s like a youtube for languages.

  • Babbel - Russian, Indonesian, Polish, Spanish, German, French, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese. Similar to Duolingo or Memrise.

  • Ukgermanconnection - German children’s books for English speakers.

  • Babadum - Swedish, Polish, Russian, English, German, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Danish. Great for building vocab.

  • Radiolingua - French, German, Spanish, Italian.

  • DW - German.

  • Textfugu - Japanese.

  • Busuu - German, French, Arabic, Polish, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Italian.

  • FSI - A whole ton of languages; if you want to learn it, chances are it’s on here. These courses were developed by the US government.

  • Conjugator for French, Spanish, and German.

  • Anki - Flashcards that use spaced repetition. Great supplements for any language.

  • Languagetool - A great tool for proofreading what you write.



Self Help

Helpful Websites


If you need a break

General Advice

  • try your best. not everyone can get all As, and getting all As does not make you better than everyone else. just do the best you can and be the best person you can be.

  • don’t sleep in class! i know it seems so so tempting but slept my way through geography last year and i got a C in my exam instead of the expected A so…

  • Don’t tick off your teacher, follow the rules to an extent, get to class on time, respect your classmates and teachers. you know, just be a decent person.

  • be positive!!! and not just for the first week or so, keep the positivity going throughout the whole school year. if you don’t believe in yourself then why should anyone else?

  • "you can do it, wildcat, i believe in u" — something troy bolton said one time probably definitely

  • Smile and introduce yourself to people- whether you’re sitting next to them or have seen them in more than one of your classes. Everyone likes to make new friends (even if we’re too shy to do it most of the time).

  • Find which clubs look interesting and go to their first meetings- there’s never an obligation to join, but you might meet a lot of new friends.

  • Get advice from other students on if your classes/teachers are difficult and figure out which ones you’ll need to work the hardest in.

  • this or this. it’ll whip your ass into gear. you name a list of websites that distract you, set a timer, and bam. no more hour long study breaks. the best - or worst - part is, it can’t be undone by the application, by deleting the application, or by restarting the computer. you just gotta wait, and if you’re going to wait, you may as well study.

  • goals. when you sit down to study, write down everything you’re going to do. then do it. aimlessly staring at your books won’t do shit.

  • something to listen to. i suggest movie scores, song covers by the vitamin string quartet

  • a queue. if you’re really obsessed with keeping your blog up to date, set aside some time, fatten up your queue, and let your blog run itself for a few days.

  • breaks. during your breaks, dance, run around, work out, go for a walk, talk to your friends, call your mom. going back on the internet is an easy way to get out of the mood, so i wouldn’t suggest it.

  • tea and coffee - if not for the caffeine, then for the feeling of cozying up with your text books and feeling studious.

  • a place to study. it doesn’t matter if it’s in a coffee house, a library, or your kitchen table. as long as your bed’s not in sight and tempting you into a nap, you’re good.

  • your mental health is more important than your grades/school work

  • you are fabulous

  • they’re probably not even paying attention when you give a presentation

  • one friend is better than no friends

  • eat a healthy lunch

  • take care of yourself

  • please stay safe

  • your mental health is more important than your grades/school work

  • I love you


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I have to add more sources to posts i got information from, but I’m posting this now because almost everybody is in school now. If you see info from a post that is not linked, tell me and I’ll add a link to it.


I’m laughing way too hard

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昭和なひととき / ganref

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Postcards For Ants, Lorraine Loots


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Check out this SNK/SAO mix on @8tracks: SNK ✖ SAO by kxnzie.

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*sets entire english language on fire*


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Sunset Clouds Sky (by ►CubaGallery)

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URL inspired graphics - thereswhat-ibelieve

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